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From Retro to Hyper-Fashion

The 5 Revivals of the 80s and 90s

In a world where the past constantly influences the present, vintage fashion trends are making a remarkable comeback, reinvented with a modernity that seduces. Kelly Kilby lifts the veil on the five styles from the 80s and 90s, once criticized, which are now establishing themselves as the must-haves of the year. Expect to be amazed and inspired!

1. The Hood Revisited

Balaclava Revisited - TOP Trends

Once a simple protector against the cold, the balaclava is making a comeback, transcending its military origins to become a must-have in the contemporary wardrobe. Associated with avant-garde brands, it reinvents itself as a daring fashion accessory, perfect for facing winter in style. (Easy to knit the balaclava - DIY)

2. The Mule Cup, Audace Rock for Women

Mullet Cut - Lily Collins

The mullet cut, emblematic of the 90s, is making a comeback, but this time, it's women's turn to adopt it. Transformed into a bold rock style statement, this cut demonstrates that fashion can be both retro and thoroughly modern.

3. The Mustache, Stylish Accessory

Mustache Tom Selleck

The mustache, which became a symbol of virility in the 90s thanks to icons like Tom Selleck, is making a comeback. Today, it is adopted by modern men who do not hesitate to express their style and personality through this distinctive accessory.

4. The Kangol Cap, Between Streetwear and Urban Chic

Kangol cap

A symbol of streetwear and hip-hop in the 80s, the Kangol cap is reinvented to become this winter's essential accessory. With its timeless design and cool look, it perfectly complements any urban look.

5. Overalls, Chic Comfort for Casual Weekends

Weekend Overalls

Far from its image of work clothing, overalls are reinvented as an essential fashion piece for family weekends in the countryside. With a straight cut, worn with large rain boots and knee-high socks, it embodies the perfect balance between comfort and style. Don't forget the classic Petit Bateau white t-shirt with a detached strap or the long-sleeved white blouse.


These pieces, for me, are not just clothes. They are fragments of stories, links between the past and the present. Each, in its own way, tells of an evolution, a movement that goes beyond fashion: that of our society. Reinterpreting these trends is like rewriting chapters of our collective history, with our today's vocabulary.

Fashion is a continuous dialogue with time, a way of reinventing ourselves while paying homage to what came before us.


Fashion & Trends by Kelly Kilby


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